Friday, February 18, 2011

A really brilliant idea

I went to the library this morning to amuse the 3 year old and to meet up with a friend and I saw the most brilliant idea. There was a basket by the counter with a sign "Have a blind date with a book". The books were all giftwrapped with a sticker that had a cryptic blurb about the book. The one I picked out said "Don't be putt off by my Australian accent. I'm sharp, witty and elegant"  (hope that doesn't offend any Aussie readers out there ;) ) but I'm always trying to broaden my book choices so I thought that sounded a great one.
I checked it out and opened it with anticipation, it actually looks really good:

"A Question of Death" - a quirky Australian collection of short stories about a character called Phryne Fisher (a 1920's sleuth)

Certainly not the type of book I would usually pick, but it's always fun to try something different.

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