Thursday, February 17, 2011

Peaceful and productive day

I've had a couple of days recently where the kids are at their respective School and daycare and I've not been at work.... and oh how much I enjoy the peace. I love my children but I really love just having a few moments to myself for the first time in years.

So today I've been busy today making cosmetics - Cold Cream and Bubble Bath from a brilliant book I have called "The make your own Cosmetic & Fragrance Book for New Zealanders" by Elizabeth Francke. It's a real retro 70's book but simple recipes and loads of different information about natural remedies make it a gem.
On my cosmetic jars I stick some of my beautiful Cath Kidston labels that my wonderful friend Leah gave me.
My favourite labels book and my favourite natural remedies book

I've also been hunting out some crochet patterns, think I may try some granny squares so I went and got some wool this morning. Please don't laugh at my beginner attempt below - it's my very first effort of single and double crochet.
My first crochet attempt

I also spent a while out in the garden, looking at some new trees that I'm nurturing (Robinia Lace Lady and my Elderberry) which look pretty healthy in this humidity. I spent a while following my silly chickens too - word of advice - never get any Silkie cross breeds as they are fickle and go broody more often than they lay. One is sneaking out of their very large fenced garden every morning and finally I found her nest today.

Sure made the most of the peace, back to reality in an hours time ;)

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