Thursday, March 31, 2011


It's my birthday, another year older but another reason to celebrate as it's our 10th wedding anniversary. The Chief and I both took the day off and spent the day lunching, shopping and vintage treasure trawling. We got some fabulous gems, lots of them for our retro caravan.

I love these bowls, Crown Lynn - a NZ treasure. They really are a bit small to be practical but too cute to not buy!

A great book found at the second hand book store. Loving this one!!

I got very spoilt with a fabulous CD of my favourite group, Mumford and Sons (thank you Leah) and my wonderful husband got me a Tin Champagne bucket (10 year ann is "Tin")  with a bottle of my favourite wine - Veuve Clicquot.

We also did a bit of clothes shopping for the both of us today, I just love this new t-shirt which has a touch of "vintage" with the cute photo prints on the front.

Such a lovely day, topped off by my girls being happy and fun!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

No time to spare

Life is a bit busy busy right now, no time to craft much, and on a deadline to get a hat finished for The Chief - he's off to the cold for a week soon so needs a warm hat. He would of course choose a rib hat, which takes me twice the time, so I am spending every spare moment doing that when I'd rather be granny square making or crochet flower making ;)

I had a wonderful weekend away with some dear friends this weekend and it was just bliss. No kids, no husbands, just loads of laughter and plenty of relaxation. Stayed in a beautiful spot at Lake Taupo called Acacia Bay. I love this moody shot, earlyish Sunday morning after a ton of rain.
 Have a wonderful week xxx

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fun filled days

What a beautiful weekend, busy but fruitful. Little bit of Knitting, a little bit of crochet, loads of baking and cooking, and lots of time for fun with the children.

My granny squares are progressing, I'm making a blanket for the caravan which is retro green, so I'm having a bit of colour alternating with the green of the caravan. I'm loving the mix!

 I also made some body butter that Leah from whydidntanyonetellme makes. She made some for me recently and I've been loving it so much that I decided to make some for friends that I'm heading off on a girly weekend with in a few days.

 Last nights sunset was one of the most amazing ones ever. I love living in the country on days like this so I can gaze up at the sky with nothing blocking the view. Gorgeous - don't you love the colours?

This weekends baking/cooking efforts:

Raspberry and Apple Loaf
Rocky Road (with our own Macadamia nuts in it)
Homemade pasta - courtesy of The Chief and the girls while I was at work.
Chocolate Chip Slice
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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Loving this hat!!

I've made a hat that I'm finally happy with! Its the McKinleys Springtime Hat from McKinleys Closet  - I've made a few adaptions to make it adult size (the pattern is originally for newborn and toddler size) but it's exactly what I was looking for. I've used a gorgeous Taupe or grey/brown colour - Shepherd Very Crafty 8ply pure wool.  Now my big girl has her eye on it, luckily it's too big for her but I think I'll do one for her as well.

The Chief is urging me to get his (knitted) hat finished, but I've loving crochet so much at the moment that I'm struggling to pick up the needles again. I'm sure I can manage to do both though :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Autumn delights

Autumn has arrived, and it's arrived sharply. We've gone from high summer with humidity and long evening to a real nip in the air in the space of a week. It's still warm during the day but there is a real difference in the overnight temperature. The garden is sure noticing the change and all of a sudden looks a bit sad - preparing itself for winter I guess. But to make the most of the cooler air I am busy picking fruit and preserving it all.

Black Boy Peaches, simply the best peaches ever, have magically appeared on a tree beside one of the paddocks that has never fruited before. It's a very old tree, and the Chief gave it a prune last year - amazing what a haircut can do as it's absolutely laden with fruit this year. I decided to bottle a whole heap of it so we can keep enjoying them through the winter.

Our Apples are starting to ripen now, we don't spray our trees at all so they aren't always *perfect* looking examples, but being mostly heritage fruit (most of them I have no idea what type) they sure taste great. Apple sauce was made yesterday, and will make a whole heap of apple pies for the freezer next week.

I have just had a wonderful weekend away in Auckland with my very closest friend - what a fabulous catch up - no kids, just shopping, secondhand shop treasure hunting, crocheting, gossiping, tea drinking and eating. What could be better?? Just had to share a few treasures from the trip away.

Loving my new bracelet!!

Secondhand shop find and a gorgeous tray that was a gift

Cool building at the top of Queen Street

Already can't wait until next years weekend away xx

Friday, March 4, 2011

Crochet fail

I've almost finished the hat I was making, what an absolute failure. I'm not the first person to find this issue with this pattern, but it looks like a shamrock on top of my head - certainly not the slouchy beanie I was looking for. I won't say what pattern it was but now I'm on the lookout for a more fitting hat (bigger than a beanie though). Annoying as it took a few evenings of solid crochet with boring grey wool. Guess what I will be unraveling this weekend! So I'm back to colour again with some more Granny squares - I just LOVE these two.....

The little one and I made little cupcakes today, she wanted green icing, but much greener than I wanted. I think my idea was a better idea - I don't think that forest green wouldn't have been the most appetising.

I found the cutest little ice cream dishes while out shopping yesterday, I'm sure the girls will love their pudding in them tonight (regular ice cream for #1 and dairy free for #2).

And finally, I am in love with these Martha Stewart tags I got on sale the other day. Only thing is they are almost too cute to use - I think I might do some peach preserves next week and they will look extra special with nice tags attached. I think they would make lovely gift tags though - I may end up saving them for that.