Friday, April 20, 2012

Long time no talk

I admit it, I've been slack. So so slack. No posts in nearly a month, hardly any reading of other blogs either. Where have I been - well, nowhere exciting but have been in the midst of a huge work project, including creating a new website for the company I work for. I hired website designers, yet still so much input has had to come from me that I've been a little snowed under. Fingers crossed the launch all goes well next week!!

I've not let the craftiness completely slide by though, that's been very much my downtime relaxation. I sold a wee hat on felt - love the colour combination don't you?
And I've been knitting again. It's been so long since I picked up needles, but I've tried something different - socks.... Such Fun!
And I've been making loads of jewellery. Only a few items ever made it into my felt shop as I tend to carry my box of goodies in my car, so it's come with me to a party, to book group, to work and so on and I've really done well selling it to friends. I've not even had to push it - it sells very easily. Lovely little earner for me!

And of course much of it has made it's way into my jewellery box too, I get so many positive comments that it's been very rewarding.

Since I've last blogged I've celebrated a birthday, must say it was one of the nicest birthdays ever. The other half sent me out shopping for the day and I came home to a beautifully tidy house, a yummy birthday cake and then some very good friends came around for dinner. 

I also found the cutest vintage pyrex dish and lid set at the op shop so I was rapt with that too!
My sister sent me the most fantastic cookbook, it's a NZ one - based on recipes from an Auckland Cafe. Real treat food, and we've made a fair few goodies from it already.

My garden is coming to the end of the summer goodness, the autumn fruits are in full harvest - apples, feijoas, jerusalem artichokes and I've been busy sowing seeds for some lovely Stock plants to add beautiful colour to dull winter days. The vege garden has been planted for winter so we're on track for a plentiful garden.

Anyway it's 7:30 Friday night and I have some more work to do. Sad isn't it. Kids are slowing drifting off to sleep so it's the most productive time for me to get through the list of "to-dos".

Have a great week xxx Kylie