Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Picnic night

We had the school picnic tonight, what a beautiful night for it! Sunshine, still air, humidity right up there. Tropical paradise tonight. Loads of people took takeaways (yum!) but I thought I'd be good and take my Tiffin Tin that my dear friend Leah picked up for me, filled with all sorts of yummy treats. Vietnamese Chicken Salad, fruit and a few other nibbles, plus a container of Caramel Slice to finish it off.

The kids had a ball - we hardly saw them. You know it's all good when they are off happily playing with their friends.


Neetz said...

Oh man you are soooo good!! I love those Tiffin tins too!! they are great! I had been so busy yesterday that I totally forgot the picnic was on until Asher got home with the notice!!! arrgh, so I was one of the "toatlly unorganised" mums who quickly phoned Daddy to "bring some pizza for the picnic" lol.
Yours looked much more delicious (and healthy!).
Was a nice night :)

Kylie said...

Neetz your pizza smelt divine!!