Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Sweetness

My little one is just a bit under the weather today so I thought a few cheerful sweet things might cheer her up.

Marshmellow hearts - what could make a small child (or two) happier?


I think I know what could beat that - a Pink Delight Chocolate layer cake.
I have to use dairy free Buttercream as my little one has a milk allergy but it still turns out pretty yummy!

Colourful Modelling Clay helps to cheer up the mood as well

And a big Thunder and Lightening storm this morning resulted in a HUGE hail downpour - that is a sure fire to grab the attention of my girls.

Right off to wake up the night shift sleeping husband now, then we can crack into the cake.

Have a lovely Sunday everyone x K

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Anonymous said...

I popped by to thank you for so kind as to leave a comment on my blog and now I want to eat! These looked delicious indeed and I love, love, love your tea cozy featured on your header. ~Kelly

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