Tuesday, June 14, 2011

And we went walking

We took the children walking on Sunday, before a promised lunch treat. You often miss the beauty of your own town and take it for granted all too often.  Granted the weather wasn't too clear but it still made for the most lovely family day in a long time.

I had fun shopping for a friend's birthday present the other day - I found exactly what I was looking for (see below) and filled it with chocolate. It was the last one in the shop, now I'm on a hunt for another one for me!
Vintage style glass jar
What's your favourite household product? Odd question I know, but I have been meaning to share mine. I love Soapnuts for the laundry. I have extremely sensitive skin and commercial washing powder really causes a reaction, so about 18 months ago I discovered Soapnuts and I was won over by how great they are. Completely natural, great for the our septic tank system (which can't cope with too many chemicals) and fab for our Skin. about 4 soapnuts in a calico bag in with the wash (which lasts about 8 washes) and a drop of essential oil (if desired) in the rinse cycle. A $20 bag of soapnuts lasts about 9 months for us, which is certainly cheaper than powders/liquids ever were.

It's not so warm here today, so I'm off to think about winter warmers for dinner.

x Kylie

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