Friday, July 1, 2011

Special treasure

I've been having a bit of a linen cupboard sort out today, and I came across my Nan's tablecloth. Oh the emotions that washed over me when I re-found this. Every single morning this table cloth was laid on her table and removed for each and every meal. It's only now that I appreciate why she loved it so. Even 17 years after her death I am sure I can still smell the comforting smell that was Nan and Grandads house on it. I just wish I had a table that would fit it - but mine are just too large. One day I'll have a special spot just for it, but until then it'll remain my special treasure.

I made some yummy Rice Bubble Slice the other day. Big girl and the Chief gobbled it up. Little one wasn't so sure about the idea of cereal in her baked goods (what does she think Afghans are made from then I wonder?). I thought it was pretty good, and so so easy!

We got two new chickens to join the flock the other day. We had 5 but only one laying at a time, and I resent paying for eggs, so we got some good egg producers. Brown Shavers - well known for their egg laying prowess (we've had them before but these are the best condition ones I have ever got). This is the best shot (above) of one of them - they were a bit camera shy over the first few days.  The old girls look a bit grumpy about their new pen mates don't you think?

And after a bit of a full on, at a times stressful, week I needed a little luxury... My lovely soap lady -  - dropped off some bars to keep us stocked. Her soaps are amazing! They are all natural - including the amazing fragrances. I have such super sensitive skin on my hands that I can't use anything else. These bars last well longer than the horrible chemical filled commercial ones. Don't you love how they looked all stacked in a pile? My girls certainly love smelling them when they arrive.

I've also found a terrific product for my girls who LOVE sprinkles on anything (well, what child doesn't? ) - natural colour ones! I'm not a huge fan of artificial colours so this really made me happy. Don't you just love them in all their colourful goodness.

I made a crochet pot mat this week, it was just a random design that I experimented with but it sure does the trick. Have been busy though making a whole heap of hats for friends babies now that the winter has hit us.
First little frost for the year - only a light one but it's certainly cooler in the mornings!

 Off to a musical with some friends tonight - can't wait!

Have a lovely weekend  xx Kylie


Leah said...

What a fabulous post! I love your Nan's tablecloth - what a special treasure. Have just shown my wee ones your new feathery additions - they want to come and visit them!! They can play with chickens while we drink tea and eat cake - how does that sound???

ecoMILF said...

those soaps do look amazing- off to check them out!

Pearly Queen said...

Fabulous - did your Nan make it herself? - if so, a labour of love! Beautiful anyway!

Kylie said...

Pearly Queen I don't know if Nan made it or not, I like to think she did as she was very talented. She sure loved it like she had made it.