Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fun filled days

What a beautiful weekend, busy but fruitful. Little bit of Knitting, a little bit of crochet, loads of baking and cooking, and lots of time for fun with the children.

My granny squares are progressing, I'm making a blanket for the caravan which is retro green, so I'm having a bit of colour alternating with the green of the caravan. I'm loving the mix!

 I also made some body butter that Leah from whydidntanyonetellme makes. She made some for me recently and I've been loving it so much that I decided to make some for friends that I'm heading off on a girly weekend with in a few days.

 Last nights sunset was one of the most amazing ones ever. I love living in the country on days like this so I can gaze up at the sky with nothing blocking the view. Gorgeous - don't you love the colours?

This weekends baking/cooking efforts:

Raspberry and Apple Loaf
Rocky Road (with our own Macadamia nuts in it)
Homemade pasta - courtesy of The Chief and the girls while I was at work.
Chocolate Chip Slice
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JeremyandBecs said...

Wow Kylie, can I come over for afternoon tea? Yum!

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