Friday, March 11, 2011

Autumn delights

Autumn has arrived, and it's arrived sharply. We've gone from high summer with humidity and long evening to a real nip in the air in the space of a week. It's still warm during the day but there is a real difference in the overnight temperature. The garden is sure noticing the change and all of a sudden looks a bit sad - preparing itself for winter I guess. But to make the most of the cooler air I am busy picking fruit and preserving it all.

Black Boy Peaches, simply the best peaches ever, have magically appeared on a tree beside one of the paddocks that has never fruited before. It's a very old tree, and the Chief gave it a prune last year - amazing what a haircut can do as it's absolutely laden with fruit this year. I decided to bottle a whole heap of it so we can keep enjoying them through the winter.

Our Apples are starting to ripen now, we don't spray our trees at all so they aren't always *perfect* looking examples, but being mostly heritage fruit (most of them I have no idea what type) they sure taste great. Apple sauce was made yesterday, and will make a whole heap of apple pies for the freezer next week.

I have just had a wonderful weekend away in Auckland with my very closest friend - what a fabulous catch up - no kids, just shopping, secondhand shop treasure hunting, crocheting, gossiping, tea drinking and eating. What could be better?? Just had to share a few treasures from the trip away.

Loving my new bracelet!!

Secondhand shop find and a gorgeous tray that was a gift

Cool building at the top of Queen Street

Already can't wait until next years weekend away xx

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