Friday, March 4, 2011

Crochet fail

I've almost finished the hat I was making, what an absolute failure. I'm not the first person to find this issue with this pattern, but it looks like a shamrock on top of my head - certainly not the slouchy beanie I was looking for. I won't say what pattern it was but now I'm on the lookout for a more fitting hat (bigger than a beanie though). Annoying as it took a few evenings of solid crochet with boring grey wool. Guess what I will be unraveling this weekend! So I'm back to colour again with some more Granny squares - I just LOVE these two.....

The little one and I made little cupcakes today, she wanted green icing, but much greener than I wanted. I think my idea was a better idea - I don't think that forest green wouldn't have been the most appetising.

I found the cutest little ice cream dishes while out shopping yesterday, I'm sure the girls will love their pudding in them tonight (regular ice cream for #1 and dairy free for #2).

And finally, I am in love with these Martha Stewart tags I got on sale the other day. Only thing is they are almost too cute to use - I think I might do some peach preserves next week and they will look extra special with nice tags attached. I think they would make lovely gift tags though - I may end up saving them for that.

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Anonymous said...

Keep at the crochet, it gets easier.
I have a new dairy free recipe that I got from EBB on my blog. I have adapted it my way.
Loving your blog.