Sunday, February 19, 2012

Time to show-off

I decided to get a head start to get a few winter objects done well before the cold weather arrives in NZ again (keep in mind its mid summer here). This scarf  (The Claudia Scarf) was a lovely pattern to make, but it did take me a fair while as it was in 4ply with a 3mm hook!  I really do prefer making with DK/8 ply and bigger hooks for sure.

But if you want to make a very pretty scarf, this is perfect. I think I may try it again with DK and less repeats and see how that turns out too.

That's all for me tonight, I have a terrible allergic reaction to something and have Hives all over me. Not feeling the best so I'm going to watch some trash telly.

xxx Kylie


Claire said...

Hey Kylie, the scarf looks lovely but I can imagine it took a while......

Hope you're feeling tip top ASAP, doesn't sound like much fun.

Claire :]

Leah said...

Oh honey your scarf is amazing! I admire your patience - I think I would have given up ages ago. Hope you're feeling ok hon. I'd call right now but just realised it's pretty late. Take care - hope those flippin' hives retreat soon.

Neetz said...

Gorgeous scarf (and colour), although you had me stumped with your DK this and 3mm ;)

Get better soon! Asher's off school today with a really bad chest infection. See ya round the playground!

Annaboo said...

So lovely! I love the fine stitches and the colour is gorgeous!
It must have taken such a lot of patience.
Well dome you, Missus!

Carla said...

Troppo bella, più la guardo e più mi viene voglia di farla...