Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Family Fun

 Fun family day on Saturday just gone, we took off down to a little region about an hour south of home and did the touristy thing. Matakana Markets were fab (including the crochet and cushion stall below - had to sneak a wee photo), so many yummy things to eat, lots of things to look at, including ducks which were the main attraction for the girls (see above) and a really lively atmosphere.

I got myself a wee treat while at the market, a cutesy vintage sewing box. It needs a bit of restoration work, including a wooden handle again, a few holes to be plugged, take off the gnarly lock and I'll put some knobs back on. A good sand and re-stain and it should look fab. I've always wanted one!

There is only so much shopping the other half can cope with though, so we spent a few hours at the beach. Goat Island was the first stop - big girl and Dad went snorkeling while little one and I sat on beach in the rain. We moved onto Mathesons Bay and it was magic. Pontoon to swim out to, mostly deserted beach. Kids had a ball!!
So after a day of slacking (relaxing really) I got busy making some Tomato Relish on Sunday. It is the best relish I've EVER made. More to be made next weekend!
No crochet progress, should hopefully have a wee ta-dah moment soon though. The hook is busy in the meantime.

Have a good remainder of the week xx Kylie


Neetz said...

Yay for family days! Yay for cool "finds" at the Markets! Yay for swimming in the rain! Yay for yummy home-made goodness like Tomato relish! :)

Leah said...

I am soooooo jealous! That sewing box is absolutely amazing hon. Can't wait to see it once you work your magic on it. Mmmm tomato relish - what time would you like me to pop over for a taste test??!!

Becs Addison said...

Great sewing box! I had a tomato relish making day a few weekends ago thinking it would be great for winter but it's almost all gone already. The same will happen with the jam I made today I bet. If you make it - they will eat it :)

homegirl said...

Hi, I just discovered your lovely blog!! I had to laugh I used to have that 'vintage' crochet book when it was brand new out...and I crocheted my grandad one of the ties you show !!! ..and the dear man used to wear it!
love your caravan we have a wee one, I must try and get some of those handy looking cup holders etc.