Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows

The rain has stayed away, my anti-rain dance must have worked. It looks like it'll stay clear for another week or so at least. Finally it's Summer. So in preparation we have been packing the caravan for our upcoming holiday. Don't you love how there are little compartments for every item in the cupboards.

I got a couple of little gems at the op shop the other day. A brand new set of Cath Kidston handcreams was a must have. I don't use fragranced handcreams usually (I make my own as I react to shop brought ones) but these were to cute to pass by. Must have been discarded by someone who hasn't found the Kidston love yet.

The other gem was a vintage crochet magazine. Love it!

There are a few patterns that I would use....

And a few that I think the other half probably wouldn't appreciate too much....

Don't you love the look of this one ;)

And this one cracked me up, written in a different time with saying that it will look "gay in blue and white stripes".

I bottled the monster beetroot this weekend. We have tons and tons of jars but I'm the only one who eats it. I think I will have to take much of it into work and see if they want some.

I also need some marrow recipes if you have any - we have a few of those too!

Have a great week all. x Kylie


Hootnz said...

Wow, they are big marrows, we normally just grate ours into sauces eg bolognese. Then you can freeze the sauce for later. I hope the sun shines on your caravan adventure... enjoy!

Chaos, Kids, Crochet and Cake said...

Hi Kylie,
Caravans are definitely a bit more glam than tents!
I just wanted to let you know that I have passed on the Leibster Blog Award to you, please feel free to ignore or share the bloggy love!
Sandra x

Gooseberry Jam said...

Ooh, I just love vintage crochet books...I have a small collection myself. I plan on framing some pictures one day to hang up in my craft room... I'm a lover of beets too and seem to be the only one in my household who eats them as well. :)

Neetz said...

I USED to be the only lover of beets in this household until Kendyl came along, and now I find I am regularly competing with her for the last of them!! haha. Happy caravanning!!

Oh..and PASS on those crochet ties!! hahahahah.

Leah said...

How did I miss this post!! Look at your gorgeous compartments. I get more and more jealous everytime I see your caravan pics!! Loving the marrows - hope you managed to find a few recipes. We scoop the inside out and then stuff it with roasted veges and rice with lots of soya sauce - then bake them. Mmm mmmm. Are you sure hubby wouldn't like a lovely crochet tie???????