Thursday, December 29, 2011

The end of the year

Photo courtesy of one of our Christmas guests, Mascha

The lead up to Christmas was more than manic, I got a wee bit of crafty time but not nearly enough. I'm so enjoying the post-xmas relaxation. We have had little planned and we are just spending some quality family time in between shift work and catching up with friends. 

My little one enjoying the atmosphere of Christmas Eve
We had a lot of visitors over Christmas, Towbee held up well as a spare bedroom.

I made a few goodies, Rhubarb Cordial, especially nice with sparkling water and a splash of Gin!

Xmas gifts

I mad the incredibly easy Mallowpuff Xmas puddings for the creche (daycare) teachers in the week before Christmas. I did manage to make a few for myself as well....

And it's finally started being beach time again, so far summer hasn't really hit. But it's still warm enough to head out there (maybe not today though - the weather is horrid)

One great thing this summer is out passionfruit. We have never managed to grow it sucessfully before - it's never been established before the frosts hit, the new spot for it must be perfect as we have a bumper crop on there. I can't wait until they are ready.

The chickens are doing a few odd things, what's with the size difference here. I think have one chook that thinks she is a Quail - such a teeny tiny egg.

I did attempt to make Elderflower champagne for Xmas day but unfortunately it wasn't a success. I fiddled with it too much and some bacteria got in. I'll make it again shortly but this time the quality control officer (my husband) will be in charge of the actual brewing process as he's better at it. I'll show it off when it works next time.

Well I hope the end of the year treats you well, I'm reflecting on the past year and thinking of what plans to put in place for the next twelve months. See you all in 2012.


Leah said...

Please can I come and stay in Towbee??!! I am so jealous - everytime I see one of your lovely caravan pics! Gorgeous pics of the girls - they are growing up too fast aren't they. L x

Rebecca said...

Hi Kylie, Leah told me about your lovely blog and it certainly looks like you have found your slice of paradise in NZ! Oh to have a passionfruit tree in the garden - Yum! Your caravan is fabulous too!

Yarny Days said...

I love those puddings. They look so pretty! Curious to know how you make them...