Friday, September 16, 2011

Kiss me over the garden gate

My girls are in love with the name of this gorgeous Heirloom annual, so the seeds are in the fridge chilling for a couple of weeks before I plant them.

I've had some seeds arrive that I ordered online to get my Spring seed planting a kick start. I'd saved a fair few seeds from the garden last summer as well so I should be pretty set.

I've planted some in seedling trays but I really need just slightly warmer evenings before I tackle the rest of the seeds.

I've gone for a very electic mix of seeds - from Vegetables (Celeriac, Rainbow Carrots), to medicinal herbs (Motherwort), flowers and and Bee attracting plants (Bergamot), and many more that I haven't listed.

I was reading littlewoollie's  blog yesterday and she was talking about her chickens laying very odd sized eggs - I'm having the same thing with ours. One of out older hens laid an egg the size of a quail's the other day. It was very odd inside (possibly she's getting a bit old to lay now??) The girls thought it was pretty funny though. We've had a couple of bigger than usual ones as well.

Mmmmm the Chicken, Leek and Mushroom pies I made for lunch earlier this week were divine - will be making those again for sure. Amazing what you can throw together when you think you have nothing left in the cupboard or fridge.
Anyway, a certain Rugby World Cup has been taking over our wee nation this last week or so. The hubby is a huge rugby fan so my girls have been right into it as well. I made them All Black cupcakes to kick off the action last week - they were a bit of a rushed job but the girls loved them.

We went to a game here in our little city the other night - Canada vs Tonga. We have no affiliation to either team but everyone was loving supporting both teams and we were all dressed in red. My lovely friend Leah (from whydidntanyonetellme ) sent me a photo that she had taken of us on TV and I was actually sending her a text message at the very time I was on TV.  Here is another photo of just me that shows how crazy I looked that day!!  Such fun!

Must go and get dinner on for the kidlets and us now - yay it's the weekend. Time to get some baking done (it's the little ones 4th birthday on Sunday, I really need to get the party food organised) and I'll try and get the crochet hook back out!

Bye for now  Kylie x

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Leah said...

Such fun indeed - ha ha!!! Great egg pic - what a scream. It must be so amazing to just wander out and grab your own eggs each day. Hope you wangle a bit of time to get your hooks out hon.