Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another year goes by

It's my littlest girl's 4th birthday today, where has that time gone? Next birthday she will be a big school girl! We just had a teeny-tiny party with a couple of her little "boyfriends", some friends and us.

Numberjacks "4" cake

I'm linking up here with my friend Bec's blog as she has the most lovely idea of posting Make-Bake-Grow Sundays. I love this concept to really show off creations made during the week.


With the little one's birthday I've done a heap of "making" for that, including more of my Sweet and Spicy Macadamia nuts, and I've been doing more on my giant granny blanket.


Birthday cake of course, see above. Green icing as requested by the birthday girl (I don't have very "girly girls" ).

Now I can't take the credit for these - but they are really really cute. My Mother-in-Law arrived with these for the party today - Tidy Teddy racers. Mini Moro (you could use Mars bars) bars with pebble wheels and tiny teddy drivers. Luckily there are a couple left over for us now that the children are in bed. I'll be making these for sure for future parties.


I haven't planted anymore since my last seedling post, but I love these Fragrant Stock that I picked today from the garden for the birthday table. They are abundant in one little part of my garden currently so I didn't mind cutting a few stems (I usually prefer flowers to stay in the garden, not in a vase - I love seeing them all when I look out the windows). My plan for next year is to plant a cut flower garden in an area that I don't see so much (we have a huge expanse of gardens) so I don't mind cutting them so much.

I thought I might add another category of my own. "DO". We can be a little guilty in this family of not going out of our way to do different things - we get a bit caught up with routine and what needs to be done. So we are trying to make more of an effort to get out and do fun things.

We took the girls into the farmers market, for a hot drink after and then a play at the cool park at the Town Basin. Spider girl loves to climb (as opposed to her vertigo suffering mother!) so here she is up the frame. Makes my stomach churn just looking at her up there. I'm terrible with heights. She did get right to the top but I didn't have the camera out then.

Have a wonderful week xxxxx Kylie


Chaos, Kids, Crochet and Cake said...

Great cake, my daughter likes green too! Hope she had a lovely birthday.
I feel like we haven't "Done" very much recently, too much sport or homework means our exploring has taken a bit of a back seat. I love those pyramids but the boys always beat me to the top these days!
Have a lovely week,
Sandra x

Karen Wiederhold said...

I love those teddy racers, just a pity that my boys are all too old for birthday parties, but i'm busy thinking of an occasion where I could make them just for fun.

Annaboo said...

Lovely cake and Teddy racers too!
I can't believe how quickly our children grow up, either!
Enjoy your week.

Becs said...

Great Make, Bake, Grow.. and Do post Kylie :) Love those teddy racers, what a cool idea.

Leah said...

Happy birthday Miss 4!! I adore those wee chocolate cars - I am going to steal that idea and make some for our next birthday party. Thanks for the inspiration hon. Can't wait to see you blanket progress!! L x

m.e (Cathie) said...

Hi Kylie, I stumbled upon your blog and loving the amazing garden, the flowers, the baking, the adventures!
hope your November is fabulous ♥