Sunday, May 15, 2011

Super harvest

I found these fabulous vintage crochet books in a secondhand shop and I had to get them. I have a 70's party to go to in a few weeks and there are a few goodies in there that will be perfect accessories. I love the slouch beanie on the front cover and the cushion would be perfect for the caravan!

I've been doing a few more hats too, I just can't get enough of this pattern (McKinleys Springtime Hat again as per previous posts)

My book group (really an excuse for a group of school Mums to get together for a glass - or two - of wine each month and look semi intelligent about books) is doing New Zealand Authors this month and I have to say it's been one of the best topics/styles/Authors we have done. I was already a fan of a few NZ authors (Nicky Pellegrino, Deborah Challinor etc) but I currently have 3 that I'm reading(see the photo above) and I'm loving each and every one of them in different ways

Now I have a new favourite vegetable - Jerusalem Artichokes. I planted three plants (replanted tubers from last years meagre harvest) and I harvested this years crop today (with the help of a amazed 3 1/2 year old). I can't believe the amount and the size of them. I'll cook up half of them and replant the other half - I think I will have to invest in a stall at the farmers market next May to sell some of them off as I will never get through as many as that will produce.

I made a beautful Spiced Jerusalem Artichoke Soup tonight from Choosy Beggars  - divine!!!  (my photo didn't turn out so you will have to check out the one from there as it did look pretty similar).

But the task of peeling the knobbly little suckers though - urgh!!!!

We have a bit of a glut of apples too, so we are having lots of apple sponges, apple cakes and I'm making plenty of applesauce to store away for winter.

Spiced Apple Cake
Well hope you all have a lovely start to the new week xxx K


Leah said...

What an amazing post! You've been so busy! Love the vintage pics. And all your hats look wonderful. I am hoping to make that exact pattern again today too - it's so nice.

Becs Addison said...

Wow! Am super jealous of both the vintage crochet books and the jerusalem artichokes!