Saturday, May 28, 2011

Harvests and Hearts

I made a wee surprise for my big girl last night - a row of hearts to wake up to under her name above her bed. That sure put a smile on her face.

We've had a busy day with Netball and then we decided to harvest this years Macadamia harvest. Well we got one tree half done, with a huge amount of nuts harvested with another tree still to do (we have two big trees). Wonder where we will store them all to dry?
I knew it would be a good harvest with the amount of blooms on there at the start of summer!
Nothing like a bit of child labour to help around the farm ;)

We've had a bit of fun op shopping (charity shopping) to find a couple of outfits for a 70's party in a few weeks - loving what I found for me! I think I'll crochet a headband to go with it.

I've taken the dress up to be a bit of a mini, and worn with knee high boots it'll be fabulous. The jacket is more Turquoise than it looks here, just gorgeous to wear for non dress-up too.

The Chief is making Cider with the last of our apples, lots of frothy mixture fermenting away in the laundry now. We'll bottle it next week and put it away for a few months. I'm not much of a cider drinker but I love it in cooking!
Loving the Orange Pokers (Torch Lillies) in front of the Barn

Have a happy weekend everyone xx K

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Leah said...

Wow you have been busy!! Absolutely love the heart garland - bet she was pleased. That is exactly what I am in the middle of making too. So jealous of all your macadamias!!