Saturday, April 2, 2011

Phew... deadline met!

As I mentioned previously I was under a bit of deadline pressure to get a hat finished as the Chief is off to the cold tomorrow. Finally I changed it last night! It's really warm and super soft - made in a lovely charcoal Merino.

I tried it on and threatened not to give it back, as it's so warm but it's way too big for me ;)

It's the Ribbed Watchman's Hat by Channah Koppel He wanted a "manly" hat, so what better than an Israeli Soldiers hat. Lovely to knit, but I did use 8 ply/DK as I had no 10 ply. I added a few extra stitches in the cast on (about 110 stitches instead of the 98 that the pattern said) but I think I could have just stuck with the 98 or even 100 as it's a wee big loose around the bottom.

That should keep him happy, now I can get back to some colourful crochet!

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Leah said...

The hat looks fabulous! Well worth sticking at it - he will be pleased. But so nice to get back to the hooks now ay!!