Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cup of tea anyone??

Have just finished this super cute tea cosy from Crochet with Raymond - I wanted a modern look, so omitted the frill around the top and bottom. I love the effect, especially against the black of the teapot. This is again for our caravan so hence the bright green. Just wondering if I should add a few flowers to the top though? What do you think?

I think it'll go really well with all the new goodies (bowls and cups) I bought yesterday - they were all on sale and were just so cheerful. The girls are loving having their cereal out of them in the mornings. I'm loving the tea cups, they are just the perfect size.

I am absolutely loving the following book, given to us by my darling Mum and Dad. It's just the cutest little retro caravan book - perfect for our project.

I picked up this magazine - GOOD -  the other day.  It's a good read, and has a great article about Bananas and how pesticide laden the commercial crops are. I just never realised just the damage that they are doing. Most of our fruit comes from our on non-sprayed orchard so I forget about others using nasty sprays. From now on I will be buying bananas that are Fairtrade and non-sprayed (they are available in the mainstream supermarkets as well and are only about an extra $1 a bunch).

Have fabulous week

Kylie x


Leah said...

Your tea cosy is stunning!!!! Love the colour combination. You're a pro at this crochet thing now aren't you. And as for your new bowls/mugs - love them! I'm having my cuppa out of one of those exact mugs right now.

Kylie said...

Great minds think alike Leah. I just love the mugs x

Neetz said...

hah..oh cute!! :)

You really need to check out my friend Kristys blog...she's "crochet queen"..and always makes me laugh as she makes crochet hats, tea cosies, coffee cup holders (you know for disposable cups), cellphone covers, blankets, granny squares, you name it she crochets it.!!
I think her blog is just called PaisleyJade here at blogspot, but will come back with a link for you...you will LOOOVVEEE her stuff..

Neetz said...

Oh...I was just going to look for the link and I see you already follow her blog!! cool :)
Do you know Kristy too?? She's one awesome awesome chick... :)

Kylie said...

Hey Neetz, I already follow Paisley Jade but no I don't "know" her - I'll have to come along to your next meetup :)

Anonymous said...

John and I tease about buying a caravan, but secretly wish that we could. We would run away - but only for a few days. ~Kelly

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