Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The Vege garden had just taken off - it's a a jungle out there, but at least all the melons and pumpkins growing are stopping the weeds coming through.

We are having huge success with Cucumbers this year, don't know why as they are usually a failure for us.

The Blueberries are rocketing along, a couple more months and the girls will be full to the brim with the little vitamin packed superfruits.

The Palm garden is really happy and lush too, they are all baby palms (which barely made it through the winter) but are growing well now. The ornamental Banana Palm is just so vibrant and lush!A favourite of mine at this time of year has to be the Echinacea (Purple Coneflower). It dies off completely but every summer pops its head up again and erupts in the most bizzare shaped daisy type flowers. I know I'm supposed to dig it up for the medicinal properties in the roots but I just can't bring myself too - it's too pretty.

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Neetz said...

Oh nice...very impressive!! :) I've been so useless with my vege garden this time round.... arrghh finding time has been hard!