Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday sweetness

 Why am I still making hats when it's nearly summer? I just can't get enough of them. This one is from Ravelry called Autumn Slouch

I've read so many recipes over the last few years (mainly on American blogs) that use or call for Graham Crackers - even the children have been asking what Graham Crackers are (thanks to US kids shows) but they aren't something that I have ever seen on the shelves in NZ. So I found a recipe this morning to make my own.

I filled them with chocolate buttercream and they were a delight. I have no idea if they are anything close to authentic but they are pretty nice!

I don't have much more to show you on the Ripple Blanket as I have been busy making Christmas pressies, but I can't post them here as I know a few of my wonderful family read my posts ;) I can show a wee taggie blanket/playmat that I have made for a small person though.
It's been a busy day of baking, playing, housework, sewing - but I also got in a wee bit of peaceful time as we have pulled the caravan out near the house (in preparation for summer getaways) and the girls are using it as an extra playroom. Fabulous! They played schools and shops out there for a good couple of hours today before they had any tiffs ;)  I love sneaking up on them to see what they are doing - scrabble classwork with slightly interestingly spelled All Blacks names (the rugby obsession is not fading).

I also had a beautiful wee surprise in the mail this week, I sent something to a lovely reader a few weeks ago after she asked about something I'd made, and I was so touched to know that she had appreciated it - she sent me the most beautiful handcrafted items. Shirley, thank you so much - the sachet in hanging in my wardrobe, the pot mat is very handy in the kitchen and the Pin Cushion - wow I was so excited by that (it's the gorgeous apple below) was exactly what I needed.

I have dreadful hayfever at the moment - the pollen count is very high. I don't react well to OTC drugs (antihistamines) even the non-drowsy ones make me drowsy, so I used medicated eye drops, homeopathic allergy spray, inhalations of Eucalyptus and Lavender, Peppermint teas and try to stay inside when I'm really bad, but I'm still struggling. Do any of you wonderful people out there have any good suggestions???

Anyway I must get these children to bed and then get the hook out again.

Have a wonderful week all xxxx  Kylie


LaaLaa said...

I love your hat, Kylie. Well done. I'll have a look on Rav for that pattern. xx

Leah said...

The hat is perfect! I will pop over to Ravelry right now to find that pattern. It's certainly better than the last one we tried to make isn't it? I'm so glad got to share in a crochet disaster together!!! I still don't have a clue where we went wrong.

Anonymous said...

What an excellent idea for the kiddies to be playing out in the caravan and for so long with out a little tiff must of been bliss for a mummy. :) Your hat is so cute I love it!! As a fellow suffer of hay fever I sympathize deeply with you I am such a cranky bum when i have hay fever, the constant running nose and itchy eyes, nose and throat are not pleasant to live with. I'm breastfeeding at the moment so can only take really mild drugs they don't work the best and knock me out too but I've tried so many things a little relief is worth the tiredness. I too try and stay inside when it's really bad. I hope it gets better for you lots of love. xx

Annaboo said...

LOVE that slouchy hat- it's getting cold here now, so will be checking that link out.
A hay fever cure I heard of here in the UK is to take a teaspoon of local honey every day.